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1992 : S-3 Machine and Engineering was founded a Topcular, Istanbul

1993 : Commenced to provide sensitive mechanic part productions for leader company of Automotive and electronic and white goods companies.

1995 : For the first time in Turkey, production of special mechanic parts which are used for leather cutting technologies were commenced.

1999 : For the first time in Turkey, moulds production lines which are used for shoe production and neolit and insoles were come into service.

2000 : For corporate purposes Tek Metal San.Tic.Ltd.Sti was founded.

2002 : Realizing that in Turkey, dental bur has not been produced and for this purpose R&D studies were started.

2004 : In order to produce, dental bur shafts CNC tools were come into service. 

2007 : A new building was come into service where hygienic conditions have been provided for Dental bur production

2008 : Dental bur production lines were come into service. ISO 9001:2000 –ISO 13485:2003, CE and TSE

2009 : In Turkey, for the first time, Bosphorus brand bur production was commenced. Its patent application was made to Turkish Standards Institute, and it approved in the same year. Bosphorus Brand burs were offered for sale in Turkey and World market

2012 : Tungsten Carbide production lines were come into service. ISO 13485:2003, CE  

When we 17 years look back, we see that 3 project were performed ; and just, as we are sole producer of them ,and literally “sole” means of our company name. While we were performing these projects we have been having 6 main principles which make us what we are.

» Determinate "Spirit of Entrepreneurship"
» Positive "Financial Performance"
» Solid "Strategic point of view"
» "Positive effect to the environment"
» Strong "Innovative Understandings"
» "Receptivity" which is accepted by everybody

  • We always have great dreams.
  • Took risks.
  • Always we stepped further...
  • Today, we have much more bigger dream;
  • We will step forward more.
  • Today, we have great deal of experience.
  • We will develop this more.

Now, we would like to share our wish to implement a lot of project in the future which will increase our solidarity , and desire for accomplishment and enlarge our dreams and may make us tell that "We have never thought this would be so challenging when we first started"